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    4 ft. 9 in.
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    Above Average
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hmmm im a fun loveing person who thinks of others befor myself i never judge ppl coz theres a nuff of that in the woruld iv got a good persanality im crap at tell jokes im 5ft lol iv got long brown hair wich im gonna cut it soon iv got green bit of blue n a bit of brown in my eyes im a bbw now right i hate prtenders n ppl who say there ur freind but never talk i just find that very stuck up i hate posh snoby ppl coz thay always look down at u like thay just stepped in dog shit so if ur that kind of person than do me a big faver n delet ur self from my profile and if ur afened i dont give a fuck be afoned it dont hurt anyone ur a grown up deal with it and im a really senseative person just think all these lovely animails wont be here in few years time all coz ppl kill them for food y cant thay eat fish no thay chose to destroy the wild n cage them up how would thay like it if we did it to to them the tables will turn one day ...coz if u fuck with kamara it will come right back n do harder

What I am looking for

Friendship, One Night Stand, Marriage