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    5 ft. 7 in.
  • Body:
    Full Figured
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    Associates Degree
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  • Has Kids:
    Yes, living with me


I'm a single mum who co parents her kids with her ex.

So when the kids aren't here then it's time for the wild side to come out! I'm in my mid 40s and have stopped flashing my boobs at passing traffic (I only did that once, maybe twice) and it's been a considerable time since I had any adventures outdoors.

I'm lacking fun in my life. Take me to dinner and discuss things I wouldn't normally speak about, stay up until the early hours waxing lyrical about movies and music. Then snuggle under a blanket together and watch the sun come up. Take me for a picnic in the rain. Dip your toes in the sea with me. Embrace your inner child and just enjoy life. Detach yourself from the office for a couple of hours and lose yourself in an art gallery. Or, better still, paint something yourself.

Learn a new skill, albeit something random and crazy that we can laugh about over dinner later.

Life is a tricky enough journey. Let me lighten the load a little!

What I am looking for

Looking for a tactile man for walking in the park, a bag of chips by the sea. For friendship, fun and romance.